Hotel & Leisure Fire Protection

Keeping guests and visitors safe from fire.

The safety of your guests at a leisure or hotel facility is vital, which means fire safety should always be on the agenda. At Fire Industry Specialists Ltd, not only do we help you keep your guests safe, but we also ensure your building operates in accordance with the law on fire safety, allowing you to run your business or facility legally.

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Key aspects of your building, from fire doors to cavities in the general structure, should always be considered, especially with high foot traffic and any intrusive works carried out by contractors.

Fire Safety for the Hotel & Leisure Sector

Our IFC third-party certified team of engineers can carry out a range of services for your facility to improve fire protection measures, including:

With large capacities and regular usage, fire safety is paramount for sports facilities in order to preserve life and safeguard against fire. Our team can assess your ground, recommend remedial work and help you maintain your premises in line with regulations and industry standards. This means you have peace of mind whenever people are using your sports facility.

Whether you operate a leisure facility, a sports ground or a hotel, contact us to arrange for any of our fire protection services. We have over 100 years of combined experience to help you keep people safe and operate legally and cover across Lincoln, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester and throughout the UK, backed by the LS Fire Group.

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