Fire Stopping Survey

Identifying any flaws in your fire stopping procedures.

Fire stopping helps to resist the spread of fire and smoke through a building, allowing time for safe evacuation. However, work performed by contractors and the use of incorrect materials can compromise this compartmentation tactic.

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At Fire Industry Specialists Ltd, we can perform a fire stopping survey for your building in Lincoln, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester and throughout the UK – all backed by the LS Fire Group.

We request schematic drawings of your building and then perform a full audit to check for breaches in your compartmentation – either from cables, ducting, wiring or piping – as well as instances where unsuitable, non-fire-resistant materials have been used.

Fire Stopping Advice & Services

We are IFC third-party certified and use a mobile application to document all fire stopping issues in your building. We can also then provide our advice and a quotation for remedial works.

Whether you’re altering a building and need to comply with Building Regulations and British Standards, or you know you’ve had work carried out and want to assess your fire stopping measures, look no further than our team of surveyors. Our team also provide passive fire protection services and fire risk assessments for all your fire safety requirements.

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