Fire Barrier Installation

Containing the spread of fire.

Fire stopping is the act of sealing gaps, openings or voids to stop fire and smoke from spreading rapidly in a building.

This helps maintain the integrity of compartmentation and is usually carried out at the design stage or as remedial work.

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For fire stopping walls, at Fire Industry Specialists Ltd, we use fire-rated boarding (tested to BS 476) on existing walls and seal the joints with fire-rated materials at the floor and ceiling, as well as around doorways.

Pipework, cabling and ductwork also require attention when run through a wall to maintain fire stopping capabilities. We use collars to uphold these heavy services so sagging, cracking and vibrations don’t compromise the integrity of the wall, sealing any gaps around these.

Fire Barrier Services

We also implement fire batts to occupy large voids where cabling is placed and seal gaps with fire-rated mastic.

Our highly qualified team knows exactly which fire-resisting materials to use for your premises, as well as working to achieve required resistance times – from 30 to 120 minutes – to meet the stipulations of your building design.

We’re IFC third-party certified and operate across Lincoln, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester and throughout the UK, with the backing of the LS Fire Group.

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