Passive Fire Protection

The complete picture for your passive fire protection.

Passive fire protection (PFP) is a collective term for different elements of structural fire protection to contain the spread of smoke and fire.

Active fire protection takes action in order to put out a fire. Passive fire protection will help prevent a fire from spreading or resist the initial ignition. They work together by alerting people inside the building of a fire and safely containing the fire so that people may evacuate and/or try to suppress the fire.

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At Fire Industry Specialists Ltd, we can ensure the integrity of your building is upheld by carrying out all of the passive fire protection installation requirements.

As an accredited passive fire protection company, we have installed specialist fire protection solutions across all the various sectors and have gained a reputation for supplying quality goods and services across the UK construction industry.

Passive Fire Assessments

The following is our range of passive fire services we can implement to help protect your building:

For a passive fire protection survey in Lincoln, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester and throughout the UK, look no further than our IFC third-party certified engineers – We’re backed by LS Fire Group. With over 100 years of combined experience, you can put trust in our engineers to help your building meet legal regulations.

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