Education Fire Protection

Ensuring the safety of students and staff.

Education facilities – such as schools, colleges, universities and student accommodation – are heavily populated, which means fire safety is paramount to save lives. At Fire Industry Specialists Ltd, we can help you put all the right fire protection measures in place to keep students and staff safe from the threat of fire.

Due to heavy foot traffic, it’s often the case that fire doors will see more wear and tear, while older buildings and new buildings alike can be upgraded to mitigate risks posed by their structures.

Fire Safety for the Education Sector

Our qualified, IFC third-party certified engineers offer the following range of services for the education sector:

We have carried out fire safety protection work in several student accommodation sites across the region, see our case studies for our work in student accommodation below:

We have over 100 years of combined experience, operating across Lincoln, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester and throughout the UK. Backed by the LS Fire Group, you can have full confidence in our fire protection services for your buildings.

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