Intumescent Paint Contractors

Fire-rated coatings to save lives.

The extreme heat from a fire can pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of any building – particularly for load-bearing elements such as steel beams. To help protect your structure against fire, giving time for evacuation and the possibility to save the building itself, we operate as intumescent paint contractors.

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At Fire Industry Specialists Ltd, we apply a water or solvent-based thin film of intumescent coating. This can give from 30 to 120 minutes fire protection for your structural steelwork, while still providing the same clean, durable and attractive finish you would get with paint.

At ambient temperatures, the spray or hand-applied systems remain stable in the event of a fire. The buildup of heat activates a chemical reaction, causing the intumescent coating to expand and therefore prevent a critical failure in the structure.

Fire Protection Painting Contractors

With fully qualified engineers, we act as fire protection painting contractors nationwide – including for Lincoln, Nottingham, Sheffield and Manchester, this includes all the surrounding areas – with the backing of LS Fire Group. We only use intumescent paints which meet the required industry standards and work diligently to ensure the right level of thickness is applied across all coated structures.

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