Structural Steel Fire Protection

Insulating structures from high temperatures.

While steel is a very strong material used in the construction of most buildings, when subjected to extreme temperatures over a number of hours, it can be compromised. This results in bending or warping, and can ultimately result in the collapse of walls, floors and entire buildings.

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To provide adequate evacuation time and to allow response from fire and rescue services, fire protection for structural steel in buildings is recommended.

Steel Fire Protection Contractors

At Fire Industry Specialists Ltd, we offer a number of options to help protect your structural steel:

Operating across Lincoln, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester and throughout the UK – with the backing of LS Fire Group – we use fire-rated materials for your building to meet whatever thermal resistance times are required.

Using over 100 years of combined experience in our team, we can help provide structural steel fire protection for both new builds and existing structures.

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