Fire Door Repairs

Keeping your fire doors in working condition.

Regular fire door maintenance will not only ensure you are upholding your obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 but could also help to save lives.

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According to BS 8214:2016 ‘Timber-based fire door assemblies – Code of practice’, Fire Doors need to provide a similar level of fire resistance as building elements such as walls or floors, and are evaluated under the same stringent tests and procedures.

Because of their positioning in corridors and areas that see lots of footfall, doors are prone to damage and higher levels of wear and tear resulting from constant use. Deterioration can impact in two main ways:

  1. damage to the door leaf or to components making up the door assembly
  2. wear in door hardware or reduced performance of fixings, preventing the door from self-closing, thereby breaching the protective fire barrier.

Regular inspection and maintenance is therefore vital to uphold the necessary fire resistance and legal obligations.

Fire doors are an important component in a building to allow for safe evacuation while slowing the spread of fire and smoke. Maintenance on your doors means that we can spot early signs of issues and remedy them before it becomes a problem. Our engineers at Fire Industry Specialists Ltd provide fire door maintenance nationwide – including for Lincoln, Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham and Manchester – with the backing of LS Fire Group, to ensure your doors are fit for purpose.

Fire Door Maintenance

Over time, damage, as well as wear and tear to your fire doors, could mean they are no longer suitable. That’s why our IFC third-party certified engineers provide fire door repairs to help restore the functionality of your doors – from faulty release systems to replacing hinges – we work to reinstate the integrity of your door.

Whether you require fire door maintenance or fire door repair, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to help restore your doors and keep your building or premises fire compliant.

If you are in need of a new fire door, we are here to help. Our fire door installation services can provide your premises with brand new, fully compliant fire doors.

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