External Fire Doors

External fire doors provide a swift and safe way to exit your building in an emergency. At Fire Industry Specialists Ltd, we supply and install certified external fire doors to help you meet your legal obligations and to keep the people using your building safe.

In addition to providing a safe exit, fire-rated doors also help to slow the spread of fire, which is why we offer FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 doors. We help you get the right resistance level and finish to suit your building wherever you are nationwide, including Lincoln, Nottingham, Sheffield and Manchester.

Our IFC third-party certified teams provide external fire door installation in line with industry standards, along with any internal doors required. With specialist knowledge, we can advise you on the exit doors you need and their placement as part of your wider fire safety strategy.

Whether you require brand new external fire doors to upgrade your building or as part of a new construction, contact our team today for further information or use our online form to request your free quote.